Discover a comprehensive selection
of the finest spices from around the world.

By opting for the Swiss spice company J. Carl Fridlin Gewürze Ltd., you are making a conscious decision for the ultimate in flavour and absolute quality.

The core fields of expertise of J. Carl Fridlin Gewürze Ltd. extend to:
  • the procurement of raw materials from diverse cultivation countries throughout the world
  • refinement/processing steps such as purification, chopping, grinding, mixing as well as reductions in the microbe levels in spices and herbs through saturated steam treatment
  • filling and order picking in all shapes/packaging forms, ranging from the Big Bag for the foodstuffs industry through to tins and bags for food service customers and spice jars for the retail sector
  • services such as spice processing and receptacle filling.

J. Carl Fridlin Gewürze Ltd. delivers directly – nationally and internationally – to all areas of the foodstuffs industry. We are also represented by way of private label and trademark-protected brands in all industries via various distribution channels.